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McCaffery's/Calligraphy Ink/Penman's Ink: Red

McCaffery's/Calligraphy Ink/Penman's Ink: Red

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This is a red ink from America's McCaffery's Ink.
Suitable for drawing delicate lines.

*Oak gall ink is a purple-black or black-brown ink made from iron salts and vegetable-derived tannic acid. It has been used as a writing and drawing ink in Europe since ancient times.

*Since gallic ink is manufactured using a natural process, the surface of the ink may become moldy or dry. This is not due to ink deterioration, but is a natural phenomenon.If you remove the surface and mix the ink well, you can use it again.

*Mc Caffery inks are designed for pointed pens and cannot be used with fountain pens or wide nibs.

*After use, be sure to wash the pen tip with water and wipe it thoroughly to avoid ink remaining on the tip.

・Capacity: Approximately 30ml (1oz)
・Quantity: 1 ・Country of manufacture: United States of America

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