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Maki Shimano Modern Calligraphy Correction Course/Yaeori

Maki Shimano Modern Calligraphy Correction Course/Yaeori

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You can learn the ``Yaeori'' typeface at home through a video lecture and three corrections by calligrapher Maki Shimano.

[Contents included]
・Text (basic strokes, double weave alphabet, double weave phrases)
・Unlimited access to video links (basic strokes, Yaeori alphabet, Yaeori phrases) ・3 corrections (lowercase letters, uppercase letters, phrases) We will enclose a clear file and envelope for submission ・50 practice guide sheets

[Items you should prepare before the start of the lesson]
We have a ``Calligraphy Starter Kit'' recommended for first-time users.

If you already have calligraphy items, please check the following.
・Maki Shimano “Modern Calligraphy - Handwriting techniques to express your own style”
・H holder of your choice (straight or oblique)
・Nib of your choice (recommended: Hunt101/Brause361/Nikko G)
・Practice ink (recommended - Higgin's Eternal Ink)

[Correction period: 6 months from the month following application]
Example) Application in January 2024 → Correction period: February 2024 to July 2024

*We apologize for the inconvenience, but please note that we do not accept cancellations after registration for this lesson.
*If you would like to apply from overseas, please contact us.

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