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Brause/Calligraphy Nib/Brause Extra Fine 66 Nib

Brause/Calligraphy Nib/Brause Extra Fine 66 Nib

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*In order to encourage as many people as possible to purchase our products, we are only selling up to 20 nibs in our online shop. If you would like to order more than 20 items, please contact .

The German company Brause has been manufacturing steel pens for drafting, drafting, and decoration since 1850.
The Brause EF66 is a nib that is popular with a wide range of calligraphers, including copperplate, Spencerian, and modern styles.
Recommended for intermediate to advanced calligraphers.
It is sometimes called "the Arrow" because of its unique shape.

It is extremely flexible and allows you to draw anything from ultra-thin lines to thick lines.
Compared to other ultra-fine nibs, it is less likely to get caught in paper fibers during upstrokes, making it recommended for drawing on textured paper.

*This nib may not fit with standard holders. please note.

・Size: 2.7cm
・Quantity: 1 piece
・Country of manufacture: Germany

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